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Are you on the lookout for Fintech Jobs or related roles? is the UK’s leading online platform for Finance Jobs, IT Jobs or Fintech Jobs. You may already be a seasoned professional or just a recent graduate starting out on your career path, fear not, can help you secure that dream job and advance your Fintech Career.

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Over the last 10 years technology has had a major influence in how we conduct our business. The financial world has no doubt felt this the most. Fintech or Financial Technology has greatly disrupted the Financial Services sector. Even with Brexit in the background the Fintech Industry continues to grow year-on-year creating thousands of jobs in the UK and on a global scale the Fintech Industry is set to be worth in excess of $200 billion by 2021. Taking the above in to account it is no wonder that many people are strongly considering a career in Fintech. Make sure to check out our Fintech Education Page to find out details on some of the best Fintech Courses available.

Fintech companies are constantly in need of suitably qualified people to help drive their business’s forward. Companies tend to hire people with varied qualifications not just technical so whatever type of course you studied for it is likely that one of the Graduate Fintech jobs out there will perfectly suit your educational background.

Fintech is the UK’s Leading Technology Sub-Sector

Fintech is the UK’s leading technology sub-sector when it comes to attracting investment. The United Kingdom leads the way in Europe in scaleup technology investments and could be considered a Global Tech Powerhouse. It is an exciting time to choose a career in FinTech and is here to help you realise your Fintech Career ambitions. your focus on Fintech!
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