Company Name: BUX
Company Address: Spuistraat 114B, 1012 VA Amsterdam
Phone Number: 0618203342
Business Sector: Investment
Website Address: getbux.com/bux/about-bux/

Company Information

We’re BUX, a tech company that is rocking the world of finance. We launched our first app back in 2014 which now has over 2 million users across Europe and billions of euros in transaction volume. This is a great start, but we all share a much BIGGER vision.

We aim to be the single destination for anyone who wants to do more with their money.

How? By taking down the barriers to the financial markets and disrupting the trading experience, we’re helping new generations of first-time investors and traders to discover the exciting world of the financial markets.

Visit us on getbux.com/bux/about-bux/


  • Address: Office 263 321 - 323 High Rd Chadwell Heath RM6 6AX ENGLAND
  • Email: info@fintechjobs.io
  • Website: fintechjobs.io
  • Toll Free: +44 203 432 7066